Mujeres "Yella"

by DHR-008

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Maximum Rock'n'Roll

"There was a time when bands like the MUMMIES and the RIP-OFFS ruled the world. The sound of ‘60s garage rock through a punk filter kicked everyone up the arse. Now that all the garage heads are listening to fuckin’ shoegaze, bands like these are going the way of the dinosaur. It’s nice to see the Spaniards carrying the torch for primitve garage punk’n’roll. This band sound like the OBLIVIANS, BLACK LIPS and MUMMIES all rolled into one. Three tracks…all raw as fuck and pressed loud!!!"

Terminal Boredom

"Spanish rock for the Lips fan or Davila 666ers around these boards. Pretty swell recording sound and tight playing when they want it to be. "Yella" is swimming in Chuck Berry riffs, screeching vox and some flowerpunk™ blossoms. The second track ("Frantic") is the down/out loser ballad that makes me cling to this sucker. They even bother to sing it in English so you can hum and bum along. B-side’s "No Quiero…" gets all BFTG a la Los Saicos gruff wrestle rock and more of that Die Slaughterhaus fan fare. If The Monsters were Spanish? Not the most original, true…but still a damn fine homage to R-N-R from forty years or eight years ago…depending on how old you are and how ya look at it. Screen printed card stock sleeves and insert. Looks nice. Damned if I can read any of it. College grad my ass."

Frankie Teardrop

"Aquí tenemos uno de los pelotazos del año pasado. Parece qu tras editar estas tres canciones, est joven grupo Barcelonés ha subido como la espuma, logrando una gran repercusión que le ha valido para fichar por un sello potentillo y la verdad es que se lo merecen. En este trozo de plástico hallarás un sixties punk rabioso con melodias redondas y que dificilmente se te despegarán del cerebro. Los comparan con Black Lips y eso tiene que ser bueno por cojones."


released November 7, 2009



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